Volleyball seniors together since freshman year

By Mari Pothier | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Now in their senior year, Flagler College volleyball players Meg Weathersby and Rebecca Royal have been together since the beginning.

Weathersby and Royal, who have formed a close bond, said they have been the only two in their class on the volleyball team since they were freshmen.

“Becca and I started off just us two when we were freshmen, so it’s kind of nice to finish it with just her,” Weathersby said.

Taylor Mott, head coach of the Flagler College volleyball team, said Weathersby and Royal are excellent players and have been great role models.

“Becca’s attitude and work ethic and Meg’s ability, I mean it’s just hard to replace,” Mott said. “I’m just hoping our underclassmen will see them lead by example and follow in their footsteps.”

Weathersby and Royal explained that there is a lot pressure involved in their senior year, especially after having such a successful season.

“As your last year, you always want it to be the best one and you want everyone to play the best that they can and you kind of put extra pressure on yourself and on the team,” Royal said.

According to Mott, Weathersby and Royal have a lot of responsibilities in regards to the team because they are seniors.

“They kind of help manage everybody else,” Mott said. “I delegate a lot of responsibility to them and they need to oversee that it gets done.”

Weathersby and Royal said that they were also in charge of team bonding and recently started a program called, “encouragement buddies.”

They explained that they assign each girl on the team a partner and they are supposed to encourage that partner for a week. When there are home games the girls are supposed to buy their partner a little gift.

“It kind of helps you focus on keeping it positive and keeping everybody together,” Royal said.

According to Weathersby and Royal, they both hope to keep volleyball a part of their lives after they graduate from Flagler.

Weathersby explained that she would either like to play beach volleyball in the summer or play overseas.

“I need to look into everything, so I’ll always be playing,” Weathersby said. “I love it, I just love the sport.”

Royal, who coaches a team in the spring back home, wants to become a teacher and a volleyball coach after graduation.

“Honestly, the reason I got into teaching is to be a volleyball coach, because I love it so much and I can’t imagine it not being in my life,” Royal said.

Weathersby and Royal both hope the team can go all the way this season and win nationals.

“I think we found our flow and we seem to be playing well so hopefully we don’t just get big heads, we stay humble and play well,” Weathersby said.

According to Mott she is happy that both Weathersby and Royal stayed with the Saints all four years and is proud of what they have accomplished.

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