Get in tune with WFCF’s DJ Luna

By Angela Daidone |
Photos By Philip C. Sunkel IV

Hair pulled back and clad in yoga pants, Lauren Luna, a junior at Flagler College, appears to be an average college student. However, like the radio station she broadcasts from, Flagler College’s WFCF 88.5 FM, Luna is far from being generic.

She is the station’s promotion director and a disc jockey who prides herself on providing listeners with songs that they want to hear. She avoids being type-cast as just some girl playing music, and aspires to become the DJ who her listeners can consider a friend.

“On-air, I’m that totally awesome girl you want to hang with,” Luna said.

Her listeners know her best as DJ Luna. Not the most original name, she joked, but certainly a practical one.

“I wanted my DJ name to be something I’d want to keep and not get tired of,” she said, “and I figured I’m not going to get tired of my last name.”

Music is also something she won’t get tired of and promises her listeners will feel the same way when they listen to her Wednesday show from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

It consists of a blend of rock and alternative, “along with a little bit of hip-hop to get your morning going,” Luna said.

Broadcasting live since her debut on April 28, 2010, Luna works hard to figure out what people want to hear.

Before she goes on air, she checks the other WFCF DJ’s playlists to make sure she does not duplicate a song that was played on a previous show. Her goal is to impress her current listeners and to acquire an even broader audience.

Like many Flagler College students, Luna did not know the school had a radio station that broadcasts from Flagler College to St. Johns, Flagler, Putnam and parts of Volusia counties. It was not until her spring semester of sophomore year when she found out about the school’s station in her COM 215 class.

“I’d gone two years without even knowing about the station,” she said.

To gain more listeners, Luna is working on ways to promote WFCF’s awareness. She already took action by placing flyers into the incoming freshmen booklets and she plans on getting the station more involved in broadcasting events taking place around campus.

“The station, once before, broadcasted an alligator wrestling event in the dining hall. I’d like to do something like that,” she said.

She is confident that once people begin to listen they will not have a reason to switch the dial. After all, the WFCF tag line is “Radio with a Reason.” Luna explains her view of the station’s reason is to provide the best, original music out there.

“WFCF doesn’t play cookie-cutter, generic, hey guess what the last five songs sound the same,” she said. “We fit in more music than any other station in an hour.”

If a listener does not like what is being played, DJ Luna encourages them to call in and tell her their preference.

While listeners tune into hear her, she’s listening to them, hearing their opinions, getting their requests and playing, as she perfectly describes, “the hottest new music you can’t even find on iTunes.”

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