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By Neil Boyle |

Containers for a Cause
Containers for a Cause is one of our newer projects, started last semester, it is one of our largest and fastest growing. Containers for a Cause takes used shipping containers and transforms them into low income housing.

We are currently working on building our first container. The plans are still in the building department. When they are approved, we will begin the construction of our first container on The Record’s parking lot.

Our Suruwat project began 2 years ago to help Nepalese refugees that were relocated to Jacksonville, FL assimilate into their new environment. When the refugees arrive in America they speak little English and do not always understand our cultural norms and ways of life. Flagler SIFE began giving workshops to help these individuals learn everything from how to clean a kitchen to how to speak English.

We learned that 75,000 additional Nepalese refugees would be coming into the United States over the next 5 years. We wanted to create a program that could help these families face the challenges of everyday life in America: going to the bank, shopping at the supermarket, searching for a job. We produced a video and supplemental packet to help with these lessons. Our video and supplemental packet was distributed through the 10 national resettlement agencies including World Relief, Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services. Since the program was so well received we have been asked to create more videos.

Recently we met with Catholic Charities to determine the languages our video should be translated into, these include: Arabic, Spanish, and Barundi. Our next videos will use different nationalities as actors and will be translated into at least 7 different languages.

Conservation Cadets
Conservation Cadets was started last year when it was brought to Flagler SIFE’s attention that we could help people to conserve energy and save money. We deliver our message through a series of videos in which children and adults reverse roles. In our videos the Conservation Cadets, teach adults how to cut costs and conserve energy. A lot of great tips coupled with humor have allowed our Conservation Cadets to successfully reach about hundreds of people with their crash course in environmental sustainability.

We are pleased to announce that as we begin the fall semester, the Conservation Cadets project is, once again, gaining momentum as we look to the future.

To view the videos and learn more about the project click here OR check out Flagler SIFE’s YouTube Channel.

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