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By Stephanie Seltzer |

Interaction is the main attraction this year at Warehouse 31.

Last year, northeast Florida residents were introduced to one of the “scariest” haunted houses. This year, there is an even higher expectation to raise that element of fear for every visitor that steps through the front door.

Warehouse 31 gave the Gargoyle a behind-the-scenes preview of what its audience should expect this year.

My tour guide, intern Kelsey Flynn, worked the event last year. She said, “the reactions at Warehouse 31 last year were great, to the point that more than a few costumers left with wet pants. Many people cried or had to leave the trail.”

This year there are two haunted houses: Rigamortis and Professor Foggy Nox.

Although it was not finished at the time, there will also be a gift shop, featured movies playing throughout the evening and a food and beverages section.

Stepping into the first haunted house, Rigamortis, you will immediately have chills. Every detail within each room was so specific and intricate, from the blood spatters on a table, footprints on the floor and even the antique pictures that hung in the hallways all coordinated perfectly with each set.

“In Rigamortis guest will experience different atmospheres and a surprise around every corner,” Flynn said. “The trail wanders through 18,000 feet of pure terror.”

Each room has a different theme that seems to reach out to everyone’s worst fear. Although the bodies hanging in Dave’s Deli seemed to appear like a piece of equipment off of a CSI episode, the cockroach room wasn’t as intense as you would think it would be, so if you have a fear of these bugs you will be okay.

The claustrophobia hallway will bring your stomach to knots because if feels like a never-ending dark tunnel.

Granny’s House was the most realistic set, it could possible bring every childhood fear to life for you.

One main difference from last year was that you are part of the set with the characters.

With the size of each room and the amount of interaction you will receive, you are sure to get chills down your spine. From rolling around with you in padded rooms to the sound of chainsaws inches away, there isn’t an easy escape.

The second haunted house, Professor Foggy Nox, brings something new that has never been seen in a haunted house: 3-D. The spray paint designs on the wall were very artistic and will make you feel as if you are in a twisted carnival sideshow.

“Foggy Nox has freaks galore,” Flynn said. “All in 3-D the maze includes terrors of the wildest kinds including the clowns.”

Even though I previewed the houses before the finishing touches were made, it was very evident that Warehouse 31 created an entirely new atmosphere.

Production Manager Joel Corley said, “We have increased the haunt by 50 percent including tearing down and rebuilding 70 percent of last year’s rooms. We also added over $60,000 worth of set equipment.”

Warehouse 31 opens Sept. 30. For ticket information and prices go to

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