What’s Haute: Cute last-minute costume ideas

By Jody Marich | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Halloween is this weekend and many are still scrambling to find a costume. Here are six cute costume ideas inspired by fashion.

1. Twiggy – the world’s first supermodel.

Pieces you will need:

(Vans, American Apparel, Forever 21, MAC)

2. Where’s Wanda – the cute girlfriend of Where’s Waldo has a fun street style. With these pieces you will look just as cute and be able to use the pieces over and over again.

(Forever 21, Swell, Target, Modcloth.)

3. Strawberry Shortcake- become the cute little dolls that we used to play with as kids.

(Hot topic, Spirit Halloween, DSW, Ulta, Asos, Modcloth.)
You can use streeker temporary hair color or grab a wig to achieve the red locks. I opted for the streeker because it’s more inexpensive.

4. Meow- Cats are a staple for Halloween costumes. This is an easy way to look like the sexy feline you are.

(American Apparel, Spirit Halloween, DSW, Ulta, MAC.)

5. Lady Gaga- the fashion forward singer is all the rage this Halloween. Here is one of her many looks.

(Forever 21, DSW, Urban Outfitters, Spirit Halloween.)

If you want to up the ante, create your own Gaga rhinestone sunglasses. It’s cheap and easy. All you need is a bag of rhinestones and a hot glue gun. I used pink and white rhinestones to spice things up.

6. The Mad Hatter- this favorite of Alice in Wonderland is an easy choice. Put together mixed matched pieces with a pea coat, tights and booties. Find accessories that have to do with watches, hats, tea cups and rabbits.

(Forever 21, Modcloth, Disney Store, Spirit Halloween.)

Don’t forget the colored hairspray, white face make-up and mystical smile.

Hope these ideas help. Happy Hauntings X

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