New Kenan area brings ‘big advantages’

By Grace Walsh |

For freshmen students at Flagler College, the new Kenan Plaza is just another section of Flagler’s beautiful campus. But for upperclassmen, it’s much more.

Ever since the Plaza was finished, students have turned it into an area of social gathering.

In addition to the new smoking policy that recently went into effect this year, some students think the area is not only more spacious, but cleaner as well.

“I think it’s a beautiful renovation, much less crowded,” Keri Gannon, junior, said. “And even though I smoke, it doesn’t mean I enjoy the smell of cigarettes. It’s nice to not talk through a cloud of smoke every time I enter Kenan.”

Dean of Student Services Daniel Stewart said the creation of the Plaza has cleared up many students’ original concern: it was too crowded.

Sam Smith, senior, said “I think the new area looks nice…People aren’t as clumped together.”

Charlotte Johnston, freshman, said “I never heard anything about the Kenan area before, but upon arrival, I found that it’s a nice area minus when other kids smoke… I hate cigarettes.”  

Amy Gates, junior, describes the area as looking “too institutionalized” now.

“The grass area was much prettier I think,” she said. “They just poured cement everywhere, ruining the nature of the area. I don’t like it very much.”

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Yvan Kelly said the new area brings “big advantages.”

“The first day it rained, there was no flooding,” he said. “You could easily walk around which is a great advantage. The area has opened up a lot more, it’s more comfortable.”

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