New Leaf: World Vegetarian Day

By Lauren Belcher |
Photos by Gorge Gallardo

This Friday, the Flagler College Dining Hall is going greener than ever. It is hosting its first World Vegetarian Day.

According to Executive Chef of the Dining Hall Keith Atkins, the dining hall will be hosting monthly themes. Thanks to a growing trend and popularity with the new vegetarian station, Oct. 1 will be WVD.

He said the two mobile stations will go “totally all vegetarian.”

The Vegetarian Station will combine with the Expo Station and become a super station for vegetarians.

Atkins described the following menu for Friday’s lunch and dinner.

  • Vegetarian Burritos
  • Vegetarian Nachos
  • Vegetarian Tacos
  • Black Bean Cakes
  • Boca Burgers
  • Portebello Burgers

Atkins also said each remaining station will have at least one vegetarian option.

  • Omelet station will have a vegetable omelet.
  • Sandwich bar will have a vegetarian sandwich.
  • Pizza bar will have a vegetable pizza.
  • Home station will have two vegetable sides and a sesame and ginger tofu stir fry entrée.

There will also be organic options infiltrated into the super station. The homemade salsa, cilantro, lettuce and tomatoes will all be organic.

I asked Atkins if the average, non-vegetarian, student had two options – one vegetarian, one not – which would that student choose?

“I would say, at the beginning of the year, if a person came in and they were not vegetarian, they wouldn’t even look at the vegetarian station,” he said. “They’re dabbling into it now.”

He also wanted to remind everyone that anyone can come into the dining hall and eat. It costs $6.75 for lunch and $7.75 for dinner, cash only.

The Gargoyle staff will be reviewing WVD and writing a follow-up review.

Lauren Belcher is managing editor for The Gargoyle. In her column, New Leaf, she introduces environmental issues and offers ways to fight environmental destruction. She is a Communication major and Environmental Science minor at Flagler College.

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