Student car accident damages Wiley Hall

By Matthew Boyle |
Photo by Matthew Boyle

A female student drove her car through the columns in front of Wiley Hall this morning at about 9:15.

The Flagler College maintenance department will replace the destroyed columns with wooden beams until they can be repaired.

“Big 6×6 beams that are going to go up and replace the columns until we can get the columns rebuilt,” Vic Cheney, director of maintenance, said. “The real columns will probably be [fixed] before Christmas.”

Flagler security officer Alonzo Ortiz said the student is not injured but is being taken to the Infirmary for evaluation.

The college isn’t exactly sure how the accident happened but Cheney said he thinks the student was “trying to put the vehicle into park.”

John’s Towing is removing the vehicle.

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