Contractor installs beams, Wiley Hall repair schedule remains uncertain

By Matthew Boyle |
Photo by Matthew Boyle

Wiley Hall is considered a historic structure but the repair process after this morning’s accident may be easier than most historic restorations.

A Flagler College student crashed her car into the Wiley Hall’s decorative columns of the overhanging patio. Nobody was hurt but the accident left the columns shattered.

Leslee Keys, Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations for Flagler College said she doesn’t know if the repairs need to follow city “historic guidelines.”

“We might have to go through an approval process,” Keys said.

Building contractor A.D. Davis installed temporary wooden support beams in place of the broken columns until the college can start repairs.

“It [the carriage porch] is still attached to building,” Keys said. “The beams are holding it up even though they aren’t very pretty.”

Flagler security officer James Virgalla said the beams should be stronger and safer than the columns, which are hollow.

As for structural damage to Wiley Hall, the college doesn’t have an official estimate in terms of cost or the extent of damage.

Virgalla said the damaged side of the building fell about 2 inches and the other side lifted about a half inch, which may mean more intensive restoration will be needed.

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