Lessons from the red carpet

Something about going to exclusive events makes me feel like a celebrity, even though no one knows who I am except the other interns who go with me. But as long as I can get dressed up and take pictures, I’m happy.

This week we said goodbye to our intern Ariana and to celebrate we went to the Patron and GenArt party at the Roosevelt. The place was poolside ( NOTE: no one swims in these pools so don’t ask if you should bring your bikini ). All the important people in the fashion industry, public relations industry and journalists were there having a good time.

While doing some research for upcoming red carpets at fashion events I found a site that I could apply to be a volunteer at New York’s Fashion Week. So I applied and my bosses said that a public relations company would hire me for the week to cover all the events and shows. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Hopefully that will happen.

Speaking of red carpets, we had our clients Emrhys Cooper and Serah D’Laine attend David Carradine’s memorial movie. My co-worker, Jessica attended the event and she said that red carpets are quite tiring to coordinate. She got to the event with our clients and the red carpet consisted of a poster on an easel. She cut in front of all the other notable guests, yelled out their names and shoved them towards the camera line. While they were taking pictures of Emrhys and Serah, Jessica went through the interview line and got media interviews for them. She knew they had to get more pictures taken so she pulled a camera guy aside and had them snap more shots of Emrhys and Serah.

I got two tickets to see New Kids On The Block, which was actually a really good concert. The only thing was that I became sick to my stomach as I saw old men singers bump and grind with moms who got pulled up on stage. But Jesse McCartney was there! He was my middle school crush and I may have screamed a little when I saw him.

LA Fact: Groceries are extremely expensive. A gallon of milk is $6.
I have had no groceries for two weeks now but I’m not any more skinny! What the heck?

You can sell anything at Venice beach. Here is a picture of these “magic sticks” that were $14. I may find some trash and call it magic to make some money.

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