Anna Lynne McCord and film executives P3R party at Chateau Marmont

The week of July 22 was non-stop busy. We were sending out e-mail invites as well as calling people to RSVP for our ultra-exclusive film-networking party at the Bar Marmont. All the big exec’s of banks and casting directors and actors were invited.

That is where I met “90210’s” Anna Lynne McCord and her sisters. We met in the most glamorous way possible: I was told by my boss to get them drinks. (sigh) I can’t think of a better way to meet a famous person than by waiting on them. But all sarcasm aside, how else would I have gotten to talk to them? The event was a smash for P3R because people got deals done and networked like crazy; even the paparazzi came and I was in a picture they took! I was the person behind the sister of Anna Lynne being the bouncer at the entrance. So, I’m basically famous.

Not only did we have that large event in our celebrity department but we also had Krysten Ritter from “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and Mina Suvari come in to the showroom. Krysten was quirky and funny; I really liked her. Unfortunately we didn’t get to take pictures with Mina. She had just had oral surgery and wasn’t told that we were talking pictures, so she didn’t get to be gifted and go through our showroom. That is the deal with celebrity giftings: they come in, get photographed, introduced to our showroom, borrow clothing to wear to events and are gifted items to wear the clothing out and about.

Julyblog2 Krysten holding tons of our fashion designers bags

Have you guys ever heard of “True Blood”? Its basically a wannabe TV series of “Twilight.” Well, its an awesome show and our office was so excited to have Ashley Jones who plays an evil shape-shifter, come in to the showroom.

Imagine saying, “Hey this is Bailey from P3R Publicty. My boss, Jane Owen, will be in New York City from Aug. 10 to 14 and we would love to set up a deskside with you to meet with her to go over our designers. Our number is blah blah blah and I will be sending you an email following this up. Thanks and have a great day,” over and over and over. That was my Wednesday work day.

Talking to all of these fashion editors in New York made me more anxious to get that New York Fashion Week internship. So I thought I would take a shot in the dark and apply with Rachel Zoe. I heard that this would be impossible seeing as she is extremely well known and has an army of helpers. After emailing three times, Facebook stalking and two phone messages I finally got a hold of Brad, her assistant. I don’t know if you have seen the show, but he is Rachel’s right hand man that fought with Taylor a lot. He told me that they don’t need anyone for that week, which made me sad, but we are Facebook friends now!

A big thanks to my dad for forcing me help him fix stuff around the house when I was younger, because I used that skill at work this week. We had to hang about 15 pictures of our biggest celebs who wore our clothing designers on the red carpet, all around the office. My friend Heather and I were assigned to the task and when we brought out the level she said, “What the heck is that?” Our office was stunned. But I guess if you had never used one and you saw someone looking at bubbles in a tube on top of a picture, it would be weird. Nonetheless, thanks dad for teaching me how to hang a picture frame.

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