Softball readies for spring season

Both coaches and players say they shouldn’t be underestimated

By Kristina Haumschild |

In its inaugural season at Flagler College, the womans softball team has a lot to prove to the South Region.

Each team has gladly accepted their presence on their schedules this season, but the 45 regional match-ups will need to be on guard.

“They all think since we’re a new team, they’ll get an easy win,” said Head Coach Kristen Overton. “But they’ve got another think coming to them.”

With a team of seven juniors, one sophomore and eight freshmen, Overton had little time to get 16 women to act, think and become a team.

“The team bonding thing was a little rough in the beginning,” sophomore Brittany Simmons said. “We came into practice as a separated team of freshmen and transfers, but coach has worked very hard to make sure everyone is treated equally. Since then, we’ve had great team chemistry.”

The Saints finished the fall season with only two wins, but Overton said that the team began to gel, and finished strong.

“Fall started out rough,” Overton said. “But that last week, when we set team-oriented goals, we finished like the team we’re going to be all season.”

As the fall progressed, so did each player’s leadership role. Whether it’s a vocal role or just leading by example, Overton believes that there aren’t any followers on her team.

Junior catcher Kathy Cabrera agrees there is strong team camaraderie.

“A strength of ours is that we are all very good at bringing each other up when we have a bad day at practice,” she said.

The Flagler softball team has a clean slate heading into their inaugural season. There are no records or numbers to uphold from last year.

So what are some personal team goals they’ve set for themselves this season?

“My assistant Megan Burke and I have just been reiterating from the start that we want to finish with a strong regional record,” Overton said. “You need to win most of your regional games to advance to the post season [because Flagler isn’t in a conference yet]. So we set the bar high and expect nothing but their best.”

Some might expect the Saints to fail in their first season because of their lack of experience, but not Simmons.

“Our team can definitely not be taken lightly,” she said. “We will stir up our conference this semester and set the standard for Flagler softball.”

Feb. 1 is fast approaching for their debut appearance. Flagler will throw out the first pitch against Florida Tech in Melbourne at 1 p.m.

To all the doubters in their region Cabrera says, “Bring it.”

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