Shellfish Grille focuses on quality

Photo by Matthew Boyle

By Matthew Boyle |

The Shellfish Grille and Lounge of St. Augustine, specializes in producing top-quality service to its guests through original seafood recipes and a wide menu selection.

Top menu selections for the Shellfish Grille include unusual shrimp dishes such as Shrimp Teriyaki and Baked Stuffed Shrimp, as well as their original Maryland crab cakes.

“We do a true Maryland-style crab cake. And what that means is that it is with all lump crab meat, seasoning and very little bread crumbs. It’s the real thing,” owner Richard Greenman said.

The Shellfish Grille’s shrimp dishes range from Southern Fried Shrimp to Coconut Fried Shrimp and everything in between.

The various shrimp dishes shell out hefty generous-sized shrimp, unlike the majority of nationwide chain restaurants, which make up for their teeny shrimp with an overloading pile of batter.

Greenman said the Shellfish Grille gets many repeat and regular customers.

Other interesting and popular menu items include the Escargots-Bourguignonne and Fried Alligator Tail.

Photo by Matthew Boyle

The Shellfish Grille recently expanded their services into catering.

“We cater parties at various organizations and even homes,” Greenman said.

The Shellfish Grille hosts live musicians on Saturdays and karaoke on Fridays.

“We try to do everything we do and just do it well,” Greenman said.

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