Flagler gets recognized as top surf college

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By Sarah Vaccaro | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The Collegiate Surfing Association’s inaugural Southeastern Regional Championships took off this month with several other Sunshine State colleges, including Flagler College.

History was being made as Flagler defeated UCF for the first title.

A team of six surfers included Benjamin McLeod, Eric Taylor, Mike Lawson, Brian Ruxton, Adam Muller and Bill Stanly.

Flagler College has been recognized as one of the top surf colleges in America by Transworld Surf magazine.

Not only is this team on a mission, their riders are composed of speed and agility.

“We have all the best guys on our team. I really don’t think there was any chance of us losing,” Ruxton said.

Eric Taylor, a junior at Flagler College said, “Special props to Surf Station owner Tory Strange for funding so we could do the contest.”

“We know how to work together as a team, and we have a good group of guys who really understand surfing. Everybody put together a good effort and threw down,” Muller said.

Not only do these guys understand the art of surfing, it is a way of life for them.

Taylor, who is a former pro touring surfer from Vero Beach, really stood out in this competition.

“We were tied with UCF for a while, then Eric went out and got two really good scores, then I got mine and Flagler definitely had it in the bag,” McLeod said.

With the weather conditions being average, each surf team member had to be weary.

“The conditions were not that great, and you had to be careful on what waves to pick since there were a lot of close-outs,” Lawson said.

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