Coffman’s Corner: Super Bowl expectations

By Clayton Coffman |

It’s the biggest sporting event on the face of this planet. The Super Bowl has captivated the eyes of billions of people across the globe and, once again, the game has as many intricacies as a grass maze.

The Cardinals magical run through the playoffs comes to one final game against the physical Pittsburgh Steelers. Ken Whisenhunt’s team was as good as dead a month ago, limping into the playoffs. Three games later, they land in Tampa with a world championship on the line.

Their remarkable run, led by future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, will go down as one of the greatest postseason miracles in sports history. That’s right…sports history.

Before each of the Cardinals playoff games, Vegas had taken the opposing team.

Atlanta, Carolina and Philadelphia were all favored to beat Arizona. So much for that happening.

And even now, the Cardinals go into the Super Bowl as underdogs.

Their final contest against the widely favored Steelers is just another roadblock for a team on a mission. Nobody, and I mean nobody, gave them a chance in these playoffs. And now look at them. They have a chance to etch their names in sports lore, and doing it with more doubters than Tim Tebow has as a future professional quarterback prospect.

They’re on the brink of capturing the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
Who would’ve ever thought that? I sure didn’t.

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