Learning Resource Center consolidates centers for study

By Gian Louis Thompson | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College’s Learning Resource Center originally had three separate centers for study, until three months ago when the Writing Center, the Mathematics Center, and the Study Skills Center were all consolidated into one complex.

The Mathematics Center, led by Bonnie Aspinwall, is a place where students can find assistance from fellow math students.

Gaile Connor is a senior at Flagler in her fourth year as a Mathematics Center tutor.

“Our goal is to help students learn what they need to help them succeed in their class,” said Connor.

The Writing Center, advised by Connie St. Clair-Andrews, is a branch of the LRC where students can visit to receive advice and critique on their writing.

“I want students who are looking for help to walk out of here knowing more than they did when they walked in,” said tutor, Jennifer Swift.

The Study Skills Center is offered for those students who wish to enhance their studying habits and techniques on test and quiz preparation and text book analyzing.

Deborah Kamm-Larew, the Director of Special Programs, believes that the LRC can be valuable even for students who don’t need tutoring.

“Some students use the LRC as a study area for ‘social learning,'” said Kamm-Larew.

“There are comfy chairs and available computers. It’s a place where learning is the focus.”

For more information on the LRC, visit https://my.flagler.edu/ics/Academics/Learning_Resource_Center/.

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