AIGA gains presence on campus

Campus art club gets involved and attracts student membership

By Abby Sessock |

After struggling for several years, AIGA, an art club on campus, is getting the exposure and participation it has been longing for.

AIGA has been present at Flagler for the past few years, however, the administration has yet to recognize them as a club.

However, so far this year the organization has received a great amount of recognition and participation from the student body. Their first meeting at the beginning of the semester attracted 30 students.

Caitlin Thompson, a graphic design and business administration major, is the current president of the club. She serves as one of the officers along with Hahau Yisrael and Ansley Randall. Chris Smith, Art Department Chairman, is the club’s advisor.

According to the local chapter members, AIGA is not only a valuable resource for students it also helps in their future careers. AIGA gives students the opportunity to gain experience, network with other students and professionals, and get inspiration and ideas for their designs.

The purpose of the organization, according to the website, is to provide promotion and communication between those in design. AIGA also seeks to develop ethical standards for the profession and serve as a forum for various issues and development of the field.

Students also have noted that it is a way to further immerse and benefit themselves in their area of study.

“I know for a fact this club will help me further my career,” said Thompson.

There is a fee for the involvement with this organization. For example, full-time students pay $95 to be involved.

However some of the benefits include discounts on health insurance, the ability to post your design resume on the AIGA website, and review exclusive job listings.

“Being a member looks good on your resume,” said Smith.

The Flagler chapter of AIGA is involved with hosting many events including shows, workshops and an annual portfolio review. ReCharge is the name of the main workshop that AIGA will be hosting in the spring. It is a graphic design and creativity oriented workshop. There will be a fee to participate in the show.

AIGA members are planning to bring guest speakers to the college as well. On Dec. 2, Varick Rosete, an nGen Works professional, will be visiting Flagler to discuss his career.

“He works for a very prominent web design firm in Jacksonville,” said Smith.

On Feb. 23, Thomas Scott from EyeNoise Studios will be speaking at the Crisp Ellert Art Museum. He will also have his posters on display during the week.

Students involved in the Flagler Chapter said they feel passionate about the existence of this club on campus. Smith, however, calls it a membership chapter, not just a club.

He emphasized that it is loosely run without the same rules and bounds of an actual club. The members this year have noted that they feel enthusiastic about being involved with AIGA and the benefits that it has brought them as students. According to Thompson, “AIGA puts the art in party.”

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