Changing minds for the better

By Danielle Marsh |

Flagler College Psychology Professor Erin Hightower “is not only a great teacher but she does a lot to help people in the community,” according to student Jessica Echterling.

She is able to pull from her own experiences as a licensed mental health counselor to help others.

Owning her own practice and being a teacher is no easy task, but Hightower looks at things positively.

“[Teaching] is absolutely amazing…every time I teach I remember why I love psychology,” Hightower said. “The students’ desire to learn is absolutely incredible.”

She credits her success to her family because without her family she would “be doing none of this.” Hightower is a mother of three and has been married for 20 years.

Hightower is not only able to influence students, but she is also able to mentor her patients.

“Every time somebody is able to…improve their life…that impacts the community we live in,” she said.

To encourage fellow women, Hightower says, “Women have particular strengths to them, and when you learn how to utilize those strengths, you really can have an impact on your life and the lives of others.”

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