Autrey trains like traditional athletes to beef up for surf season

By Ben McLeod |

Local surfboard shaper Josh Autrey proves that being a “jock” will help your surfing.

Many surfers here at Flagler College know Autrey because he is one of the most powerful surfers in Florida, and shapes his own surfboards. However, many surfers do not know that Autrey is your typical “jock.” Autrey believes that working out, playing sports and drinking protein shakes will make anyone a more powerful surfer.

Anyone who has seen Autrey surf knows that he treats a wave like a heavyweight boxer treats his opponent’s face. Autrey maintains an everyday schedule which includes weightlifting, running and an aggressive surf session.

“Staying fit and working out is just as important as surfing itself,” Autrey said. “I noticed a difference in my surfing right away after I started drinking protein shakes and lifting.”

You are probably thinking to yourself right now, surfers are too lazy to work out. Let me just say, stereotypes are a think of the past. If you follow the Association of Surfing Professionals’ World Tour, and read about each surfer, you will find that they take part in intense training. Eating right, working out, and staying in shape are crucial for professional surfers, especially when money is on the line.
Autrey, on the other hand, is not doing this for money.

“I am working out so I can feel better, surf better and get really jacked,” Autrey said. “I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.”

Summer is coming up, and surfers across Florida are dreading it. There are no waves at all. I was privileged enough to see what Autrey does last summer on a flat day. Autrey and I grabbed longboards and walked down to the beach, where he told me we were going to paddle.

Instead of paddling down the beach, like most people do, Autrey paddles strait out into the ocean until he gets tired. I was hesitant. The water was getting deeper and deeper, and the only things running through my mind were sharks, sharks and more sharks. After 20 minutes of paddling out, we had a race back. I take pride in saying that I beat Autrey in a paddle race that day. What a workout!

It does not matter what workouts you do, it just matters that you are doing them. Staying fit is important if you want to reach your full surfing potential. Just look at the way Autrey surfs. Stop being stereotyped and become a “surf jock” just like him.

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