A session with Brooks Bailey

By Ben McLeod | bmcleod@flagler.edu

If you do not know Brooks, get to know him. Not only is he one of the loudest guys I know, he is also a great surfer and an awesome basketball player. Brooks consistently makes half-court shots and can even dunk! Brooks is from St. Augustine, where he grew up surfing and breaking the hearts of many young women. He travels a lot for surf trips and could write a book on his barrel riding experiences.

Major: Business
Age: 19
Homebreak: St. Augustine Pier SOUTHSIDE
Sponsors: Surf Station, Natty Ice, Bailey Group Water
Favorite Wave: Macaroni’s – Indonesia
Travels: Indonesia, Tavarua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bahamas, Puerto Rico
Music: Hot Rod Soundtrack, Snoop Dogg, Old School Rap
Influences: Ronald McDonald, Ashton Kutcher, Pete Rose
Quote: “Pain heals, Chicks dig scars, Glory lasts forever!” -Shane Falco

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