Underground Internet connection to FEC buildings may cause property issues

By Eli Nuzzi | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Joseph Provenza is helping to decide on a way for the new FEC buildings to receive fiber optic cable across property Flagler College doesn’t own.

Provenza, chief information officer of Flagler College, is set on running the cable 15 feet underground using a process called “directional boring” to avoid contact with other underground utilities.

“We are planning on running fiber optic cable from the Proctor Library to the FEC buildings to connect them to our campus network,” Provenza said. “We were offered an option of using telephone poles, but that makes the wiring more vulnerable to weather and other conditions and, hence, less reliable.”

Options to avoid private property are being discussed.

If unavoidable, the plan is to get permission from the property owners, and then create documents of agreement for both the owner and Flagler College to sign.

After receiving permission, the cable will be placed 15 feet underground on the private property, which will keep it safe from any light surface digging.

Two of the FEC buildings will be turned into dormitories for next year’s students. The third is slated to become office space.

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