Is there such a thing as dog discrimination?

By Bethany Coates |

About two weeks ago, The St. Augustine Record had a front page article about pit bulls and the problem with them in St. Johns County.

John Studivant, the director of animal control in St. Johns County, referred to adoption of pit bulls as an “adoption of a loaded shotgun.”

Many people have an idea of pit bulls being ferocious, dangerous and a type of fighting breed, but are all pit bulls really that bad?

I know that some owners have the tendency to breed pit bulls for fighting, which doesn’t help their bad reputation.

The St. Johns County Humane Society has recently banned the adoption of pit bulls, which includes full breeds and mixes.

They have given the owner — and only the owner — of a pet the opportunity to claim their animal within five days or the animal becomes euthanized.

The Humane Society no longer allows people to adopt pit bulls because the dogs have “dangerous” tendencies.

About two years ago, I rescued an abused five-month-old pit bull from the Humane Society and he has been the epitome of what it means to be a wonderful dog.

To think of my dog as a loaded shotgun is disgraceful and distasteful for the reasons of me helping or saving my dog.

My dog has a tendency to bark when the doorbell rings, or even nip at someone if they seem to be hurting me, but this is an example of what any loyal dog would do for its owner.

It’s a shame that pit bulls are seen in such a negative light, which only describes a certain percentage of the breed.

It would be hard to decide whether a dog is good or a nuisance.

If my dog got loose and was possibly euthanized because of nothing more than his breed, it would not be benefiting me or the county.

Is there really such a thing as dog discrimination?

I feel that people should give a second thought to why they think pit bulls are so dangerous, because the accusations aren’t always true.

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