Supporting the troops hits home

Troops in Kuwait to enjoy Super Bowl party courtesy of DOW Advantage

By Rosanna Gill |

The DOW Advantage Public Relations Group sponsored Tailgate for the Troops before the first home games for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The chilly night did not stop people from supporting their Saints or their troops in Kuwait.

Bailey Toombs, a senior at Flagler, first brought up the idea for Tailgate for the Troops to the DOW group when the Flagler student-run public relations firm was thinking of a fundraiser or form of volunteer work to do together.

“Since DOW is a public relations agency, we have a tendency to all get caught up in our individual clients,” Toombs said. “By doing something like this as a group we are more cohesive.”

Toombs got the idea from a family friend who is the Programs Manager with the United Service Organization. The friend is in charge of all moraleboosting events that are thrown for the troops in Kuwait, such as a Super Bowl party. The DOW group all agreed to raise money to send to the troops for a Super Bowl party.

“I hope to allow people to realize that the Armed Forces over there are just like us; some of them are us,” Toombs said. “They deserve the chance to hang out and be normal, if only for a football game.”

The DOW Advantage Public Relations Group raised around $500 with help from the Sports Management Club, who combined the food donated by Florida Cracker House for their event to raise money for breast cancer with the food Woody’s gave to DOW. A DJ was also provided by Sports Management club.

DOW will continue its collaboration with Woody’s on Dec. 5 when all proceeds made from 4 p.m. until close will be donated to the troops in Kuwait.

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