Tourism and Judo

Danielle Marsh, Staff Writer

By Danielle Marsh

Birds flock to the south for winter, fish migrate upstream to procreate, and tourists flock to St. Augustine to annoy students. I’ve only been at Flagler for a year and I’m already fed up with tourists.

What spurred this dislike are the many unpleasant encounters I’ve had with tourists. Just the other day I was coming back from my car, carrying several heavy bags from my most recent shopping trip. A tourist stopped me and started asking me questions about where the gift shop was. She could clearly see my hands were full and I was struggling to hold everything, yet she insisted on asking me several questions about the campus. When I couldn’t answer a couple of questions she got really rude with me and walked away.

Another brush with the unfriendly guests on our campus happened when I was in the Ponce bathroom. When I came out of the stall a lady approached me and started asking all of these questions about the college: what I was majoring in, etc. Needless to say, I stood there thinking, “Can I just wash my hands?”

Angry and frustrated with these visitors, I vented to my friend Zach and he came up with a logical solution: Judo Chop Tourist Day. Students of Flagler College could intimidate the tourists by karate chopping them on the neck. The college would have to put up signs warning tourists about this special day, for legal issues, and there would be some rules the students would have to follow.

I’m not sure that the college would go for this idea, but it’s still funny to think about reversing the tables on our daily visitors for one day.

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