NEW SGA Executive Committee

Photo by Tad Mask
The newly elected SGA executive committee, from left to right: President Brandon Collins, Treasurer Alana Cadiz, and Secretary Chris Lauth.

After an eventful election, the new SGA officers look ahead to next year’s agenda, green campus plan

By Danielle Marsh

They are four people with different platforms and different ideas. But none of the SGA officers believe this will pose a problem for them next year.

Their first act in office as a whole will be “finding a way to make elections run smoother,” said Vice President Kaitlyn Mairs about the recent run-offs to settle the election. “There should be more guidelines so that people aren’t as confused and that rules aren’t suddenly placed on you.”
Mairs is prepared to work with her new cabinet members.

“Being a leader on campus, you have get ready to work with anyone,” she said.

Alana Cadiz, the newly elected treasurer, doesn’t believe that working with different people than she ran with would be an issue. “We all know each other and have bonded.”

“I am confident that we will all be able to work together efficiently,” said Secretary Chris Lauth. “It is definite that all of our ambitions are for the betterment of SGA.”

Since each person ran with a different platform, with the exception of Lauth and Mairs, there is the issue of wanting to work on different things. For example, Mairs wants to see a green campus with recycling and better on-campus parking; however, Brandon Collins, the new president of SGA, wants to see basic cable in dorms and a free newspaper like The New York Times.

Collins plans to talk to the other board members about “what went wrong with the current year and what went right,” in order to focus on the current important issues.

Another important matter that Collins plans to take action on is recycling. “Putting a recycling bin underneath each printer in the library is a start,” he said. Collins plans to buy recycling bins and work with the college to get them picked up.

Mairs plans to focus on having a green campus, no matter the obstacles. “Whatever the steps are, we’re going to do them,” she said.

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