Ferrell on Ice: ‘Blades of Glory’ brings tons of laughs

By Kristen Shea

If you saw the trailer for Blades of Glory, you have to admit it would be funny to see two guys skating around in outrageous outfits, especially when the two guys are Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. The movie is directed by newcomers Josh Gordon and Will Speck.

Will Ferrell plays Chazz Michael Michaels, who advertises himself as “sex on ice.” He is arrogant and cheesy, and one of the world’s best ice skaters. At the World Championship for Ice Skating, Ferrell ties for first place and must share his gold medal with Heder, who plays his rival and enemy, Jimmy MacElroy. The two get into a huge fist fight in front of the crowd and judging panel. They are banned from professional skating for life as a result.

Jimmy was adopted from an orphanage by a business man who made his money raising kids to become professional ice skaters. After the ban, Jimmy’s dad disowns him and leaves him on the side of the road. Jimmy is forced to work at the local ice skating rink. Nearly three years go by before Jimmy learns from his No. 1 fan that his skating career is not over. He finds out he can legally skate in the pairs’ category.

Although Chazz and Jimmy hate each other, they are forced together by their managers. After a few practices they realize they do like each other and that they could win the gold medal together.

Amy Poehler plays Fairchild Van Waldenberg, and Will Arnett plays Stranzvan Van Waldenberg, rival skaters who are determined to win the gold and will do anything, even cheat, to get it. They are hilarious and deserve a movie of their own. This tension between the two pairs adds drama and makes for some of the movie’s funniest moments.

The movie is not as funny as Anchorman, but way more entertaining than Talladega Nights. For some people, Will Ferrell is an acquired taste, but for me he never grows tiresome.

It’s hard to not stereotype Heder as Napoleon Dynamite. He does a good job in the movie, but at some parts he looked awkward and couldn’t keep up with his superstar comedian co-star. The costumes helped him out a lot. The most ludicrous costume of all was the peacock outfit, complete with a flaming tale.

The story line is a common one for Ferrell. He plays someone on top of the game and then he comes crashing down only to land back on top. No matter who you are, I promise you will laugh when you see Ferrell and Heder chasing each other on ice skates on dry land.

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