Art and food become one at Zhanras

Photo by Andrea Huls

By Sterling Robinson

Zhanras is a unique eating experience based on exceptional gourmet appetizers, specialty drinks, local artwork and an incredible design and layout.

The menu consists of soups, dips and spreads, salads, bruchettas, pizzas, tapas and desserts. The kitchen staff is made up of only certified chefs, so the food was obviously the best I’ve ever had.

Upon entering the double doors, I noticed there were chefs preparing food and wearing chef hats directly in front of me. To the left was a seating area with tables and booths, and to the right a full bar.

I chose to sit in the unusually shaped leather booths. The table set up was different as well. There were a stack of plates and a cup full of utensils at the end of the table.

My waiter came out almost immediately and explained to me how Zhanras was a tapas restaurant, meaning everything on the menu is portioned as an appetizer.

Round One: I began the evening with the “traditional” bruchetta: diced tomatoes, chopped garlic, mozzarella, and basil served on toasted French rounds.

Round Two: steak and shrimp kabobs with asparagus tips. I do not believe I have ever tasted meat so tender and juicy.

Round Three: Mozzarella Pizza topped with mozzarella; sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil and chopped garlic.

Although I had no room for dessert, the selections seemed fabulous. The sound of chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, ice cream brownie tower, and fried key lime pie cubes had my mouth watering.

I enjoyed looking around at all of the local artwork while I ate and appreciated the artistic style and phenomenal food that Zhanras has to offer.

On my way out, my waiter suggested that I take the back way out because there was more to Zhanras than just the front dining area. As I peered around the back corner I realized that there was a lounge area filled with comfy couches and another full bar.

I fully recommend checking out Zhanras. It’s conveniently located on Anastasia Island, one block after crossing the Bridge of Lions to the left.

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