SGA president, treasurer still undecided

Run-off scheduled for March 29

By Danielle Marsh

The SGA elections have come to a close with a twist: ties for the positions of president and treasurer.

One of the candidates for treasurer, Alana Cadiz, said she “expected something like this to happen” because it would have “been hard for one of the four candidates to win a majority of the votes.”

However, for the positions of vice president and secretary, Kaitlyn Mairs and Chris Lauth won the majority of the votes and will be filling their positions this coming year.

When faced with the future of having to campaign again, Cadiz said that she “would be using the same materials” to represent herself. And if she doesn’t win she believes that this opportunity has been a “really good experience.”

Brandon Collins and Grant Gillenwater — both nominees for the presidency — are trying to gain the public’s eye.

In the first round of he elections, Collins had free pizza, hotdogs and a DJ to entertain voters. On the other hand, Gillenwater had smoothies and some Jimmy Buffet style music to spice things up.

Commenting on the run-off elections, Collins said, “The elections were going to be close.”

He feels he is “working on an uphill battle due to lack of publicity, but not in spirit.”

The run-off elections will on March 29, in front of Kenan Hall.

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