New heated wetsuits strong enough for Icelandic waters

By William Little

Beginning in October, Rip Curl Wetsuits will begin the sales of the first ever heated wetsuits.

Rip Curl’s new wetsuit, the H-Bomb, offers the freedom and flexibility of previous wetsuit models, but also included are heated coils throughout the back that give heat to the surfer long before the wetsuit itself warms the water inside.

Two small battery packs are placed in the lower back region of the wetsuit and power the coils providing warmth, and surprisingly comfort. The heat can be set on one of two settings, medium and high, last up to two hours and be recharged by a car cigarette lighter.

In a recent article published on, Brian Bosson, wetsuit product manager of Rip Curl gives reasons why such a suit is necessary.

“Every winter, the diehard guys in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest have to pull out their six mils, gloves, hoods and booties,” Bosson said. “If we can make it so they are able to step down and wear a 5/4 in the harshest of conditions, then we’ve done our job.”

The H-Bomb will not be cheap by any means, probably around $500 a suit, but according to two guinea pigs from Florida, the wetsuit is well worth it.

Adam Wickwire and Elise Gariggue traveled to the frigid waters of Iceland to test the suits. The two were amazed at the maneuverability of the suit but more the incredible warmth that accompanied it.

“When you get flushed it actually helps because the water circulates around the wetsuit and helps distribute the heat,” Wickwire said.

The H-Bomb will be on sale in October, and more wetsuit companies are bound to pick up on what Rip Curl has discovered.

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