Jutronic’s new venture: Tennis player, photographer, now also a clothier

By Julie Harvey

“Faca” is the Croatian word for face, or in this case, a slang term for legend.

“When you see a friend and say hello, we usually say, ‘ejjj faca’. It is like a ‘What’s up?'” said Flagler senior Mario Jutronic, who was born in Croatia.

Faca is also the fresh brand name developed by Jutronic that he says breaks away from the ordinary and mass-produced. It targets the hip segment that is both art and fashion conscious.

“I plan to print future shirts on high quality cottons, preferably organic cotton,” Jutronic said.

The art gallery 57 Treasury hosted Jutronic’s photographic exhibition titled “A Monk’s Residence” during February’s art walk. He took this opportunity to introduce Faca with sample T-shirts and promotional handouts.

The posters promoting Faca’s slogan, “An International Affair,” proclaim things such as “express individuality.”

“It acknowledges the fact that the world is becoming a smaller place, that basic aesthetic pleasures cross all borders,” Jutronic said.

With a long list of travel experiences from Japan, Hong Kong and Croatia, Jutronic’s photographic style reflects his ability to find beauty in the most unusual places.

His distinguishable images of just about anything are a result of his “I just take my camera with me as much as I can and really tune in to the world around me” attitude.

A business major, Jutronic took advantage of the opportunity to promote his photography and Faca idea through his marketing and branding independent study class. He plans to continue developing the Faca brand after graduation.

“It is a great experience because you are on your own pushing something you believe in,” Jutronic said.

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