Well, I got dumped on Facebook :-(

Nick Massie, A&E Editor

The Internet is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the college lifestyle. But has anyone realized the new trend? Online breakups have become pretty hot apparently.

I have seen many relationships come and go, all ending in different ways. The usual breakups are generally face-to-face or even on the phone. Sending an e-mail is an extreme measure. But recently I have seen Web sites like myspace.com and facebook.com being used to end relationships. How is this even remotely seen as an adequate break-up, let alone mature?

Why is it that when a relationship between two adults — and I use that term loosely — starts to go sour, people run to their computers and change their status on Facebook? Give me a break.

Instead of arguments these days, people just change their “relationship status” online. It starts by going from being in a relationship with Joe Schmoe or Peggy Sue, to simply being in a relationship — no names needed. The next step is to always go to “it’s complicated” sans names, and then for some reason unknown to me, the relationship jumps to being married to a best friend.

Now I may be crazy, but how corny is that? Does the word “single” hurt so much that you can’t even use it? Or are people so insecure with themselves that they have to hide behind falsehoods on a computer screen?

Not only has Facebook become the new dumping tool, Myspace has also become just as resourceful. This whole “Top-24” friends thing has had me laughing for a while. Obviously when you are in a relationship, that special little someone is placed high in the ranking. But as soon as someone screws up, they are automatically bumped down below the stalkers that send you text messages all day long.
Being moved down that online row has become more painful then having to see the Dixie Chicks win five Grammys. I mean honestly, come on. This petty stuff should have been left back in high school. I’m really starting to think that people are looking too far into the nickname “Flagler High.”

I guess maybe I’m old fashioned in wanting to see real relationships where saying hello in a public place is socially acceptable. Or maybe I should just create an alias name on my computer and pose as a super model?

I have recently been thinking about the episode of “Sex And The City” where Carrie gets dumped on a post-it. A year or two ago I thought it could not possibly get any worse, but damn was I wrong. All that I have to say is, sweetheart, I got dumped on Facebook. And I honestly couldn’t care less.

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