CD Review: Lloyd Banks

Rotten Apple

By Nick Massie

Lloyd Banks returns with his high paced sophomore album featuring the whole G-Unit gang. 50 Cent, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Musiq Soulchild all stop by on tracks to name a few.

The beats of Rotten Apple are similar to that of Banks’ first solo CD, The Hunger For More. The opening track, “Rotten Apple'” is your typical G-Unit song which features 50 Cent and Prodigy. It has that slow pace, hypnotizing beat with the street gang lyrics that Lloyd Banks is known for.

“Addicted” is a good track. Musiq Soulchild’s soulful voice comments the hard-hitting lyrics that Banks’ lays. “Iceman” is probably my favorite track, featuring Young Buck, Scarface and 8Ball. It has the best beat with a really catchy chorus to go along with it. It is one of the only songs on the album that I could see being able to dance to.

The album overall is pretty good. Definitely worth the purchase if you are a big G-Unit fan. The only real let down is that there aren’t more tracks to dance to. It’s a pretty thugged-out CD.

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