CD Review: Anna Nalick

Wreck of the Day

By Alison McCauslin

Anna Nalick is a subtle wonder. Her voice and lyrics are powerful and vulnerable at the same time, an interesting combination that has helped her newly expanded CD, Wreck of the Day, earn much acclaim.

The hit “Breathe (2 a.m.)” was Nalick’s first single and has actually been used on several TV shows including Joan of Arcadia and Close to Home. Also, Nalick was one of the first artists featured on You Oughta Know on MTV. Though positive press doesn’t always guarantee a phenomenal CD, Nalick blows the competition away with Wreck of the Day.

The CD starts on a high note with “Breathe (2 a.m.),” its most widely know hit. The song is introspective of three different scenarios, showing compassion and maturity in the lyrics. Most of Nalick’s lyrics are this way, combining a youthful outlook and a worldly sense of self. “Paper Bag” is a song of overcoming obstacles, notably people who put you down and make you feel like you’re worthless. A particularly poignant section of lyrics is: “Yeah they talk about her/She smiles like she’s so tough/She says “Hey can you talk a little louder/I don’t think my heart is broken enough”/But someday we’ll all be old/ And I’ll be so damn beautiful”.

Of course, many of Nalick’s songs really stand out, such as “Forever Love (Digame)” a beautiful song with a bold message, “Bleed” an empowering breakup song, “Consider This” a song about a couple who’re wrong for each other but stay together regardless, and “Drink Me” a demo song that’s on the extended version of the CD.

“Drink Me” is the most interesting by Nalick in that it’s a fascinating mix of Alice in Wonderland references, rock allusions, and death contemplation: “I’ll take another Drink Me baby/Slowly I’ll disappear/And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace/So let’s play truth or dare”.

At the end of Wreck of the Day, you’ll be sitting there with two things on your mind; first, that the lyrics were incredible and fresh, second that you want to listen to it again. Anna Nalick is rousing and eloquent, and Wreck of the Day is the perfect addition to any CD collection.

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