Three women walk into a ball…

Photo from WCBS-TV in New York

No this isn’t a bad joke, it’s my way of telling you that three women showed up to an exclusive White House holiday reception wearing the same dress. Not only that, it was the same dress the First Lady was wearing.

As a woman I found myself cringing at the fashion faux pas and then realized the absurdity of CBS News covering such a story. This is supposed to be news?

Next thing you know we’ll be talking about how Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman got it on in the Lincoln bedroom. Oh wait, that’s already been covered.

Then I realized this just might be saying something very profound about the political landscape of Washington under the Bush Administration.

These people think so much alike, they even dress the same. This dress may be the equivalent of the red power tie. And goodness knows we’ve seen a zillion of those in Washington.

It’s somewhat Stepford-esque, isn’t it? These women all dressed alike, had the same hair and are probably married to the same stodgy politician types. Not only that, they all paid the same $8,500 price tag to wear this “dress” that actually looked more like a beaded suit.

Mrs. Bush, of course, had the luxury of a closet full of clothes on the premises and managed to duck out to change her dress. Sadly, the garment in question looked best on her.

Luckily for the First Lady, it’s the outfit she’s wearing in the photo for this year’s White House Christmas card. Now she can be reminded of it all season long.

Wonder if this year they’ll sign it, “Merry Christmas from the President and First Lady of Stepford?”

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