The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Kristin Chambers

Ahh, the holidays… time to get out of school, go home to the folks’ place, and get presents. What could be better? (Besides summer break). But too often we find ourselves only thinking about what we want rather than the whole point of the celebration: others.

I know it sounds corny, but the other night I turned on the TV, and 7th Heaven just happened to be on. As I reached for the remote control, I accidentally (yes, it was an accident) got caught in the moment of the drama unfolding.

For Christmas at the Camden’s, they were each giving community service to those who needed it instead of gifts to each other.

That scenario may be a little much for real life college students, but it was definitely a good idea. It made me think, what if everyone did something to help out over the holidays, no matter what religion you are? We all (hopefully) contribute in some way or another on Earth Day, since we all live on this planet, so why not do the same for people who are not in the best situation at this time?

On the journey home this year, take a minute to think about what you could do besides sit on the couch and drink eggnog. Even dropping a few cans or blankets off at the local shelter contributes immensely for someone not as fortunate. It may just be a good step to making the Yule time a bit merrier.

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