CD Review: Happy Feet


By Kelly Gray

Anyone who has ever ridden in a car with kids knows that finding music everyone can listen to is not the simplest thing to do. Most children CDs tend to be obnoxious to the adult ear, while songs on the radio can be too inappropriate for younger listeners. The soundtrack to the motion picture Happy Feet is the perfect solution to this problem. Combining popular songs from the ’70s and ’80s with artist popular today makes this CD pleasant for both adults and kids.

The variety of music genres, as well as singers, adds to the enjoyment of Happy Feet. Everything from rock, to disco, to reggae, to pop can be found on this artist packed CD.

Included are classics like Prince, Patti LaBelle, The Beach Boys and more recent artist such as Jason Mraz, Pink and Fantasia Barrino. Actors like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Brittany Murphy and Robin Williams show off their surprisingly good voices and add to the mix on Happy Feet.

While all of the songs on Happy Feet are enjoyable, Brittany Murphy’s version of the Queen hit “Somebody to Love” and the Jason Mraz/Chrissie Hynde version of “The Joker” and “Everything I Own,” seem to stand out from the rest.

The soundtrack to the motion picture Happy Feet is a light-hearted mix of amazingly talented artist that people of all ages are sure to enjoy.

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