CD Review: Yusuf Islam

An Other Cup

By Kristin Chambers

Grab your lighter, because these tunes will have you swaying back and forth to the breezy rhythms of the former Cat Stevens. Yusuf Islam is back from the ’70s with fresh cream in his cup. After defining a generation with Tea For The Tillerman, 2006 has brought Yusuf to a new level of enlightenment both spiritually and musically. Featuring Maybe There’s a World and Heaven/Where True Love Goes, these light melodies will sweep you into a universe of tranquility and peace.

Yusuf incorporates his Islamic religion into lyrics, which mirror his peaceful demeanor and love for the world around him. But you don’t have to be religious to enjoy his melodies. Even an atheist will recognize the talent that started Yusuf’s career over thirty years ago.

His new album, titled An Other Cup, features 11 new songs fit for a god. If you want to drift away to a meditational state without going to yoga class, this is the carpet that will carry you. It’s perfect for de-stressing after finals, as inspirational thoughts are also incorporated into songs to keep you at Zen.

So close your eyes, start counting backwards from one to ten, and let the simple sounds engulf your imagination.

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