Students helping students, one computer at a time

By Alicia Nierenstein

When senior Austin VanRider and sophomore Dalton Perdue met in 2005, both knew that they had a common interest in computers and technology. Now they have taken that interest and created Geeks2Go, a business where people can get their computers fixed.

Their company’s purpose is fixing computers, not just for Flagler students, but for anyone who seeks their help. VanRider, a graphic design major, and Perdue, a business major, both had aspirations of one day owning their own business.

“Collectively, we have 22 years of experience repairing computers,” VanRider said, “In addition, Dalton is MSCP, CCNA, and A+ certified, and I am working on my A+ certification.”

Although they recognize that help for students can be sought out from the technology department in the library, both think that it could be helpful to students to be able to go elsewhere and get help more quickly, as there can be a backup of computers in the library.

“The technology department is like UPS, and we’re like FedEx. We [both] charge for our services, but we can do it faster,” VanRider said.
Geeks2Go also has the knowledge of Ken Decteau, an engineer out of FSU, who runs the Tallahassee branch of the company.

“He’s the kind of person that not only builds his own computer, but makes the parts as well,” VanRider said.
Flagler students pay a flat rate of $25, while the general public pays double that.

“I know what it is like to have the budget of a college student, and that is why we charge one flat rate,” VanRider said.

The flat fee is for the fixing of viruses, spy-ware, or other technical issues. If there is a need for a new piece of equipment, the person will have to pay for that on their own, and then an additional $10 installation fee per hour.

The duo plans on sticking around in St. Augustine even after they graduate. There is already another branch of Geeks2Go in Tallahassee, and they plan to open up more.

To contact Geeks2Go, e-mail Austin VanRider at


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