Flagler campus gets expanded wireless Internet access

By Taylor Wilson

Flagler College’s wireless Internet expansion now allows students to explore the Web beyond Proctor Library.

According to Flagler’s technical engineer William Jackson, “The increased coverage area will allow students freedom in choosing where they wish to connect to the Internet.”

Students are no longer restricted to Proctor Library or their dorms to access the Internet because Flagler has been converted to a wireless campus.

The new wireless configurations provide students with Internet access into student common areas.
The wireless connection carries between the areas of Proctor Library and Kenan Hall, and also in Ponce Hall for access in the rotunda and lobby.

The new configuration requires authentication with a valid Flagler College username and password to access the Internet.

The authentication was implemented to protect the students, staff and faculty from hacking and viruses.

The changes to Flagler’s wireless connections began over the summer and were completed this October.

According to Jackson, Flagler has made other configurations to its connections to benefit the students.

“During the summer, Flagler College installed two Metro Ethernet connections,” he said. “The installation of the two Metro Ethernet connections has tripled the available Internet bandwidth to both the dorms and wireless network.”

Jackson said no future plans are set for Flagler’s Internet connections, but he did mention that the college is looking into providing wireless Internet access throughout the dorms.

“This implementation would allow student to simply turn their computers on and gain access to the Internet,” Jackson said.

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