New freshman orientation program

By Charlotte Cudd

In an attempt to transform the former Freshman Seminar classes, three pilot courses, referred to as SAINTS, began this fall.

SAINTS, an acronym for Students Advancing In New Territory Scholastically, is now a semester-long course, has gained an extra credit hour and switched to a letter-based grading scale.

Seventy-five freshmen are enrolled in SAINTS. The same amount of students are enrolled for spring semester and by next fall, the goal is for every freshman to be enrolled in the program. Three classes of 25 students are taught by Assistant Dean of Student Services Dirk Hibler, Dr. Sandra Davis and Dr. Art Vanden Houten.

SAINTS includes the college’s history, library information, note taking, time management, and conflict resolution. Students taking SAINTS were contacted over the summer and encouraged to respond with any questions and concerns regarding college life. There were 237 student replies.

Hibler feels confident the much improved program is here to stay.

“SAINTS better prepares the student [and] …hopefully will increase [Flagler’s] retention rate,” he said.

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