Family experience inspires Bohl’s first novel

By Summer Bozeman

For Flagler Adjunct Dr. Allen Bohl, writing his first novel, Back Porch Swing, was very much a family affair.

His wife, Sherry, a local elementary school teacher, edited the early manuscript, and his oldest son Brett acts as his press agent.

Bohl’s life has been centered on his family and sports. He utilized his experiences as both an athletic director and a family man to write his first novel.

The novel focuses on Eastern Kentucky’s Stoler family, whose son Lance is being courted by several high-ranking basketball recruiters from various universities.

Along the way, Lance and his family are confronted with situations which will try their character, family relationships and their faith.

“The book is about family values and character,” Bohl said. He drew from his experiences and life to create some of the characters: Lance’s father Milt is named after Bohl’s own Uncle Milt.

Bohl grew up in the northeastern Ohio town of Vermilion, majored in math at Bowling Green, then continued his education at Southern Mississippi and Ohio State.

He said he has always enjoyed teaching as his profession, along with coaching football and basketball, and serving as Athletic Director at the University of Kansas, Fresno State, the University of Toledo and Assistant Athletic Director at the University of Ohio.

Back Porch Swing is currently available both at Barnes and Noble and at the Flagler bookstore.

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