How do you keep up with technology

By Brittany Sanko

I have finally bought the one thing I didn’t have this past summer; an iPod nano.

My new white toy was something I had wanted for such a long time and had finally gained. Thanks to a huge rebate gift card my mom got from a large purchase, I was able to buy the thing I knew I should have just because everyone else had one.

“You don’t even like music!” my mom would tell me. “What?” I would cry out, but I saw her point.

I still have my Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears CDs in continuous rotation, while she rocks out to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and Pink Floyd. I like them- what can I say?

Before I continue with my rant, I will admit to you something extremely embarrassing. I wanted an iPod so badly last semester that I would lay out on the West Lawn with my roommate’s white ear plugs — yes, had to be the white ones! — in my ears and the other end, plugged into nothing, tucked under a blanket. Pathetic!

Now that I had the newest iPod available, newer than the roommates I might add, I was all set. Even though I barley use it, it sits proudly in its “home dock” on top of my desk; for all to see!

Then I saw it; the new fluorescent colored, thinner, and brighter iPod nano’s on TV. I couldn’t believe it. What next?

“Already?” I screamed! How can anyone keep up with technology when it all changes to smaller and better so rapidly? I was devastated. I no longer had the new one, and my white iPod was no longer the best.

Everything always seems to work out for me though, and in this situation it appears to be happening as well. I am very lucky, and I guess spoiled enough, that my boyfriend hasn’t bought himself an iPod yet, and is willing to buy me the new one and take my “old” white nano so I will stop complaining.

When the next new one comes out, I don’t quite yet know the plan on how to get a hold of it, but I will figure it out, and my iPod obsession will continue.

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