Life as an On-Campus Junior

Brittany Sanko

Oh the joys of dorm life! Living in a small space with other girls can create wonderful memories and random moments of absolute hysteria for many freshmen who are in college for the first time.

It is the best way to meet your friends, talk about classes, professors, and become semi-self independent for the first time in your life. This transition period is recommended and really good for… a freshman!

I on the other hand have lived in the dorms now for 3 years. I used to adore the color of “Tiffany Blue,” not just blue, “Tiffany Blue”, and the ancient fire places some of the rooms possess. I now find myself associating anger and confinement with that wonderful blue color for some reason.

Why am I still on campus then? I don’t really have a choice honestly. My parents pay for my schooling and I pretty much do what they say. I could get a job to pay for my own rent, but a part of me can’t stomach working to just pay rent when I can stay at the school without the work.

Basically, I am stuck here. I live in halls filled with screaming freshmen, and an unknown group of girls who seem to insist on playing, “Dance Dance Revolution,” into all hours of the night on the floor above me.

My roommates and I get along well, but I still dream of the time when I will have my own space and privacy. Growing up as an only child in a single parent household, I pretty much had my own things and did what I wanted when I wanted to.

Any situation has both positives and negatives though, just as this one does. I do not have any bills, get food three times a day (albeit from the Dinning Hall, but hey- I just eat the salads anyway) and have a place to go between classes.

Also being a junior, all of my friends are now off campus allowing me a peak into the best of both worlds. I am able to hang out off campus at their houses when not in classes, and have the freedom to come and go wherever, whenever.

The one thing that I consider to be THE most positive aspect of dorm life is the soft serve machine and the brand new toppings bar! Can’t take that with you off campus, don’t you guys miss it?

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