Flagler gets new director of Career Services

By Nicole Goyette

Flagler College recently hired Jeff Adams as the new Interim Director of Career Services.
“I’m really delighted to work with students again,” Adams said.

Adams trained with Flagler’s previous Director of Career Services Paul Carpino, who resigned and moved to Las Vegas to be closer to his family. Carpino’s last day was Oct. 20.

“I’m looking to see what’s going on in career services and how to enhance the services we provide to students,” Adams said.
“[People are in careers] based on economic need, not what gives them joy,” Adams said. “There has to be a connection with the course work you do and the major(s) you select in terms of where you see your career.”

He suggests students make an appointment to see him, and that career services are still available for all students as it was before.
Adams said he wants to tell students that networking is one of the most important aspects in career placement.

“I always had a focus,” he said. When in situations that looked great, he thinks about “what does that have to do with the rest of my life?”
Adams graduated from Marlboro College in Vermont with a Bachelor’s in History.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it were the smallest accredited liberal arts college in the country,” he said.

He later joined the U.S. Coast Guard. He received his Masters in the Arts of Teaching at Fordham University in New York.

Adams later started teaching again while attending Columbia University, where he remained as Director of Training Institute for Life Coping Skills before coming to Flagler.

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