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Why can’t we use our own fridges in the dorms?

By Alicia Nierenstein

Flagler College found a brand of refrigerators that was proficient for the school’s electrical needs in the Fall of 2005.

“There was such a high demand for these refrigerators, and after finding a brand that was electrically efficient for this building, we saw that we could do this,” Assistant Dean of Student Services Dirk Hibler said.

In addition to the electrical capabilities, it was feasible, as well as beneficial from a financial aspect.

After the college bought the refrigerators, they developed a system of renting them out to students.

But if the electrical capacity in the building is a concern, then why does it remain acceptable for students to have a computer, as well as other various electrical items such as fans or hair dryers?

According to Hibler, it is because of the rewiring that took place some years back. All of those items do not take up as much wattage as refrigerators do.

However, the MicroFridge brand was chosen because their wattage requirements are not as high as other brands.
Most students have taken to these new additions positively.

“I like them because I can have specific foods on hand whenever I want them,” freshman Devon Schlegel said.

Certain rules apply for keeping a refrigerator in a student’s room, but they are available in the Flagler College Student Handbook, available online at or in Student Services.

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