Flagler field to get a face lift; may see more changes

By Megan Kramer

New developments are in place for Flagler Field over the next few months. The facility will undergo renovation as Flagler makes its transition into the NCAA.

According to Athletic Director Dave Barnett, the plans for phase one of the complex have been finalized. Phase one mainly involves the entrance to the fields as well as the parking lot.

The current entrance will be cleared along with the accompanying building that sits to the left of the road entering the complex.

The new entrance will have separate lanes for entering and exiting traffic. These two lanes will be separated by a sign that will be easier for people to see from the road, according to Barnett.

“The parking lot will be paved with designated spaces,” he said.

“Currently we are waiting for bids from contractors on the project,” Flagler College President William T. Abare, Jr., said.

Once a contractor has been selected, construction will start. Abare said he expects the first phase to be completed by Feb. 1, or by the beginning of baseball season.

Future phases of Flagler Field include building a visiting locker room with showers.

Other possible additions to Flagler Field include an extension on the parking lot and a maintenance shed. These developments are currently hinged upon the need for more funding, according to Abare.

Abare said he thinks these improvements to Flagler Field will give visiting teams a more favorable impression of Flagler. Jessica Echterling, a junior on the soccer team, agrees with Abare.

“Visiting teams will take us more seriously, and we will have more pride in our facilities,” she said.

The future of Flagler Field may also include a softball field, pending Flagler’s admittance into the NCAA Div. II Sunshine State Conference.

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