CD Review: Lupe Fiasco

Hipity-hop and Don’t Stop: the Uprising of Lupe Fiasco

By Kristin Chambers

Fresh, new, and innovative, Lupe Fiasco is on his way to stardom. With the recent release of his first CD titled Food and Liquor, he has taken hip-hop to new places when the genre needed a serious vacation from old standards.

Unlike today’s normal radio-play where every other word is edited for vulgarity, Fiasco methodically flows with issues relative to current world situations and his own west Chicago experiences. He reflects his album not only on his west-side street credibility, but also on his Muslim religion, taking both good and bad from life. His album title reflects this: “food” equals the positive aspects and “liquor” the negative.

Fiasco relays definite messages in his lyrics with subjects ranging from the discrimination of Muslim women overseas to finding decent places to skateboard in America. Such as in the fourth song on the album, “Kick, Push,” which is sure to be the next number one skate song on iPods across parking lots and vertical ramps. Produced by Jay-Z, he’s already played shows with artists such as Pennywise and Kanye West. Fiasco is now making a substantial name for himself on his own, headlining his first nation-wide tour.

With his new album breaking hip-hop boundaries, Fiasco is about to unleash a vicious revolution in record stores and on the air. Definitely a hot artist to keep tabs on in the near future — no matter if you like food or liquor.

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