Counseling center moved

By Kelsey May

The Flagler counseling center has moved to the Palm Cottage, located behind Lewis House.
The counseling center had previously been sharing space on the business office’s second floor on Valencia Street.

Associate Dean of Counseling Mary Tinlin said that she understands why some students would rather not be seen walking into counseling and this, along with the business office’s need for expansion, has resulted in the counseling center’s move.

The new office has a rear entrance available for students’ privacy and the move gives both the business and counseling offices more room.

Students may feel the counseling center is solely for the severely depressed or deeply troubled, but this perception is false.

“We truly see any and all types of problems,” said Tinlin, who has been counseling for the past 12 years.
All visits are confidential as well, even if the student seeks help for a number of visits.

“I believe college students should be able to explore whatever their struggling with without having a permanent record that might follow them,” Tinlin said.

For scheduling appointments and information about the new location call (904) 819-6305 or e-mail

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