CD Review: Scissor Sisters

By Ali McCauslin

The Scissor Sisters are nothing if not quirky. Their latest album, Ta-Dah, only emphasizes this trait. Their innate ability to pair upbeat dancing music with incredibly bizarre lyrics that are at the same time provocative and charming is, in a word, captivating. Ta-Dah proves this intriguing legacy lives on.

The intro songs on the CD — “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin,” “She’s My Man,” and “I Can’t Decide” — are a lot like Lays potato chips, you can’t only listen to them once. The songs are addictive. The backbeats emote a 70s vibe and the lyrics, while at times outlandish and strange, will make you smile. Guaranteed.

The midway song, “Intermission,” is possibly the most upbeat song of depression ever written. With lyrics like “Happiness is getting you down/A rainbow never smiles or blinks/It’s just a candy-colored frown,” the message is melodramatic, but the song is happy-go-lucky. This is a combination that is unquestionably odd, but with the Scissor Sisters, it just goes with their territory.

In their own way, the Scissor Sisters have songs you’d see on any record — a love song (“Might Tell You Tonight”), a breakup song (“Kiss You Off”), and a song questioning life (“Everybody Wants the Same Thing”).

What makes them stand out is that they say it in a truly original way. Ta-Dah is a fun CD full of contradictory music that is a sure thing for nearly any musical taste.

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