Mugging raises new concerns about student safety in downtown areas

By Dylan Thomas

With news of an attempted mugging last week, students are beginning to take more caution while out walking late at night.
“I don’t leave campus unless I have someone with me when it gets to be really late,” said sophomore Katlyn Cinelli.

According to Daniel Stewart, Dean of Student Services, a Flagler College student was walking on the corner of Cordova and King Streets at 12:30 p.m. when a man jumped out and punched the student in the face. Before the mugger could do any more damage, the student managed to get away.

“It was the smart thing to do,” said Stewart.

“That makes me a little nervous because I walk back and forth from work at nights by myself and it happened right where I walk,” said sophomore Catherine McGlinchy. Since the college campus is so small, almost the entire student body resorts to walking.

Though this event is a little unsettling for some students, it almost never happens as according to college statistics, Flagler has very low incidents of crime. But for those rare times when something happens, Flagler has security officers on patrol 24 hours a day. Along with the campus security, the college has St. Augustine police officers on duty Mondays through Thursdays.

“Flagler College is a very safe campus,” Stewart said.

With Flagler College expanding its campus size even more in the years to come, Stewart offered a few words of advice to all students.
“Always go in groups,” he said. “Go in well lit areas and stay on well traveled streets. And if something happens, call the police immediately. If something should happen, either call the police or go straight to the security office located in the rotunda.”

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